Vegan Summerfest

What, if anything, do they show about duties regarding wild animals? Palmer 2010 opens with two cases from 2007, considered one of which concerned the unintended deaths of 10,000 wildebeest in Kenya, the other involving the mistreatment and demise of 150 horses in England. And but, Palmer continues, it’s also believable that animals with similar capacities—animals like horses and wildebeest—should be treated equally. So is the toleration of 10,000 wildebeest deaths permissible?

Animals are bred to grow rapidly on minimal food. Various poultry industry sources acknowledge that this selective breeding has led to a big proportion of meat birds strolling with painful impairments (see the extensive citations in HSUS 2009). Animals within the wild are subjected to higher predator- and weather-associated risks and have no well being care.

Or will we make an ethical mistake in not intervening in such cases? If so, why (Cohen 2004; Milburn 2015; Sittler-Adamczewski 2016)? … Read More